“OMNAH – where small is beautiful with passion and integrity”

When I visited this store for the first time, I fell in love with this place. A cosy space – it gives warmth and serenity, and is always full of very tastefully picked articles and furniture. Each article has been handpicked and very well-curated.

The best part is the very well thoughtfully designed articles which gives the store its characteristic uniqueness. It offers a variety of pieces that reflect the Indian ethos but along with the unique Indian-ness, we also get international flavours in many articles. In a city like Baroda it’s a gift for designers to get great designers collated at one place. Also, what I liked about ‘Omnah’ is that it constantly evolves with time and one can get a wide variety of items in every visit.

We wish Bindu great success in the coming future. Our best wishes are always with her, may she continue with the same passion, integrity and purity to serve designers of Baroda and Gujarat.

Dipen Gada, Founder, Dipen Gada & Associates

“Omnah is a beautifully designed store. Amazing blend of Indian tradition used in a very modern way. Bindu takes a lot of care in getting each piece designed and crafted herself. She has a lot of patience to listen to her clients and then would give them the right kind of advice. She has the ability to understand the client’s need and accordingly suggest exactly what they are looking for. The only store in the city which keeps up with changing time and trends in the interiors. I simply love the collection.”

Mitul Shah, Architect, Studioyamini

“I have known Bindu personally for over 12 years now and her impeccable style and sense of aesthetic has always impressed me. She has an amazing sense of co-ordinating, arranging and assembling pieces that create a striking visual presence. Her clothes are sophisticated and elegant and so are her other products that she carefully collects, designs and displays.

I have accumulated several clothing as well as lifestyle items from her store Omnah and I have been satisfied with the quality and service of every purchase that I have made.

I wish Bindu all the very best for the future and I am sure she will continue to showcase newer styles and designs for us in times to come.”

Radhika Iyer Talati, Wedding Designer, Ivy concepts

“From little trinkets to classy art pieces, Omnah has a wide variety of beautiful artefacts to suit a home with any look. It’s also the best place to pick up unusual gifting items that will be cherished for their uniqueness and utility. Omnah is one of my favourite stops for home decor with a difference.”

Meera Sampat, Corporate Soft Skill Trainer