Our Story

Omnah is a home and fashion lifestyle space that inspires stylish living. It’s a quintessential collection of carefully considered pieces that ranges from designer furnishings, exquisite crockery, décor artefacts, festive outfits to other design elements. Curated by Bindu Patel, the place is home to unique pieces from her travels across India and the world. With a penchant for refined aesthetics, she helps you design a life you love. Think of Omnah as a friend you’d turn to when you need great decor ideas.

Meet Bindu Patel

Omnah - Home Decor and Lifestyle Store

A curator of a beautiful lifestyle

Driven by curiosity, and an impeccable sense of style, Bindu is heavily inclined to ethnic and beautiful pieces. With a discerning eye for the finer things in life, she believes in balancing modern designs with traditional art to create a stunning visual composition. At times, collaborating with artists and artisans to create unique designs, she brings elegant luxury retail one step closer to Vadodara. Her collection includes a wide variety of hand-picked unique pieces, with new additions every season.

Omnah is a symbol of Bindu’s sense of aesthetics, where you discover facets of creative expression that represent your taste. Come and explore pieces of elegant art that captures your style.

I think of home as an extension of the woman, what she likes and what makes her happy. When I was re-modelling my own home, I wanted to design a home with things that I loved, with things that warmed my heart. But I couldn’t find any place in Vadodara that catered to all things I needed in one place. That’s when I thought of starting Omnah.

Bindu Patel - Omnah